Y Saturday, October 25, 2008 Y
10/25/2008 01:21:00 AM
All i need is just support,
don't ask me what is that all about.
Just support me, please!!!
I need it.

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Friday, August 29, 2008 Y
8/29/2008 03:55:00 PM
Never update for nearly a month. So sorry guys, just been to lazy to do so. So much things occured during this month, but thou' sometime still a little bit tired, most of the time im happy for the way that i lived. Leaving under one roof with Kaka was a good experience for me, the first time for me to get so close to someone in Perth. I love the feelings to been taken care by her. She's beyond the name of a housemate, much more than a sister to the extend that i does not know how to address her. She's just too great and a lovely person. Well time passed fast, im 21 yrs old now (base on the IC). Im legal to do anything from now onwards.

On the 19th Aug, we went to Francis house for Vivienne's Birthday, as well as celebrating my upcoming Birthday, suprisinly I've got the same birthdate as Francis son, Kenneth. It was a good night, nice foood, nice people and nice enviroment. I'm so Greatful to Francis and family, thay are really nice person, and always cares about others. Sometimes i just think that they are more than a family to me. At least, i knew that they treat me more than just a friend. During that day i took alot of photos with my new camera. Cool, bought it for around 400bucks. But i think its all worthwhile. I would like to picture down as much memories as possible, at least i know that i'm not always alone here.

28 August 2008
Best memories of the year, Thanks to:
Beloved Kaka
Best friend Phoebe
Taitai Elsa

Birthday Dinner At Francis Place.

Say "Cheese......."

Oops... Caught cha....

Lollies for Kenneth...

Im as tall as him, when he's sitted.. BUT!!!

He double my size, when he stands...

"Professional" hand-written menu..

Together with the rosy...

Home made cheesecake by Kaka

Aunt Jan, Viv, Francis... look here....

Viv and her Giant and Mini Rose.


Kaka twisted!!!!

Backyard view of Francis home..


Kaka & Francis, daughter and the father..

He's always surrounded by pretty gals..

Viv love this cake....

The rose is as big as my face...

Wonderful, Beautiful & Delightful

Like a Jungle

Botanic Garden...

Tiga doesn't look alike as Mindy...

After a Busy Night
After work, Anne and Ali wishes to come over to our place for a little chit-chat. We get a bottle of wine and share it among us. Fun night, with all the craps and gossips. But next time. Ali got to get us a bottle of wine before he can enter our home.. weeee...pics available.

All Twisted!!

wooo..Ka is so close with Ali....

Anne's Sleepy face...


Will be going to Sydney trip with parents, so 2 weeks from now. But before that, got to do well in the exam. Giving myself a little break, a 21st present by myself and family. Can't wait for that. Hurray!!!! Sydney Here I come, will be seeing my bro and sis. miss them so much....... weeeee!!!

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Y
7/30/2008 05:41:00 PM

Francis, me & Carmen

Uncle Francis is a very nice person, he took us to lunch and drive us around. He also introduced his daughter to me, Vivienne(a super woman)

Anne (korean) she cook KABUKI for us..

Pics that was taken when BON BON has his trip in Perth.
Noticing 2 pic were taken with SANTA, its taken in Burswood where the Casino is located. They celebrate X'mas in July, this is something new to me, cos they said that it's a Winter X'mas in Perth.

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Y
7/29/2008 05:44:00 PM


After 5 weeks of freedom, i finally need to go back to the previous school life. I'm quite looking forward for the new semester, yeah. This sem i will still be going to take economic as one of my unit, on top of that, Law and accouting will be the next important, lastly an introduction to Organisation Behaviour would be new to me. During the period of holiday, my time was spent alot wisely than before. I'm glad that I did not waste my holiday slepping the whole winter holiday thru' and manage to reach the target of getting my Learner's Permit. Result was good, 28/30. But not to be overly happy cos i still have another practical to go. Hope that outcome will be good as well. Kaka's(my housemate), is a very good cook, I eat nice food everyday and always have my stomach full whenever I see her. During the last week of BON BON's trip in Perth, we had a good time having steamboat for 2 days. And wen to our working resturant to have dinner. We had Chilli Musscles and Chef Salad for entree, and had stead for main course. Its was a good dinner experience after we had home cook for couple of weeks. After dinner we went to a nearby place to have some coffee, we order both mango ice and coffee ice. It was really nice, absolute ice that doesn't melt. Amazing.....

might be going to Sydney for Holiday during the september break. Can't wait for that, but first of all i've got to improve my results. hehe..ok. Seriously i cannot upload anymore pics, Im sorry frens, can't figure out what had actually happened. Yesterday was the first day of Sem 2. I wake up early and had the breakfast which Kaka made for me. So enjoy being taken care of, but it was not a good morning, well at least to me. I don't like to have the first day going to school wet, it was raining cats and dogs. Alright, have to go now, got to do some readings, work hard people and stay as happy as you can. :) U been missed!

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Friday, June 27, 2008 Y
6/27/2008 01:21:00 AM
My Dear Frens;

Due to the great barriers (exams), i've known that this blog is neglected. But anyway, its alive now (hope so). Well well well..thinking that i had not been studying very hard for exams, although i spent most of my time on it. But just don't think that's very efficient. And wondering how it goes right now. Bjon had arrived Perth, never got a chance to bring him around Perth, so just had treat him a lunch on the day, a common Italian meal with his another friend. Really good to see him and had a great afternoon chat. Not forgetting XING, thanks for the bagpack.. like it very much. And YES YES YES!!! HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!This is my first Uni winter break, I should have make use of the time wisely, planning to to plenty of things during holiday, work, shifting house, take driving course, and of-course enjoy my-self.

Actually, uni life here is not as easy as I think, more self-discipline is needed compared to Poly. Just because the school fees is very expensive, thus, i do not want to repeat any of the units. A great responsibilities holds on my shoulder, and i've got to pull it thru'. Rather than complaining, why not see it is an enjoyment? Showing a positive attitude towards all things creates a much optimistic and happy me. Not that i'm not happy in the past, but at least i know that, things always have to be sorted out regardless of the mood. Time fly fast, after 4 months here, a completion of 1st semester. I really love school now, but still exams are giving me great headache.

Got to chat with mum and dad online, and saw my little cute kuala bear thru' webcamera, they had really grown alot. Its so good to see them i miss them alot, alot. He kept calling me " jie jie, jie jie" how i wish i could hug him, just like a kuala bear. And my sis as well, she had long hair, much much longer than I last seen her. I really miss home. I don't want to get home-sick now. I know i can't, and I just can't. Dad is sponsoring half of my driving fees. weee....He said that, the family might come to Aussie for holiday again this September. HURRAY!!! Might get a chance to see them. I'm so happy.. Can't wait for that day.....Please come ...come...come....

ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Thursday, May 29, 2008 Y
5/29/2008 10:27:00 PM
Finally had finish all my assignment..
had not being sleeping well during the project period,
it was not very ease for me to get everything done by 3 days, infact it juz work out within 36 hours.. i dunno how the hell i can do that, but i juz manage to get them all done...
without sleeping for more than 36 hrs.. thats cool..
3 more weeks for exam..
muz study hard. i got a very bad grade for my econs, needa pull up my socks now.
no working. no joking. no fooling around anymore..
the more i wait, the more time i would waste for revision.
sis told me, i've being working very hard for studies.
i am.... indeed, i'm also really working hard to get some $$$$$..
hehe.. she muz have not known that, its not easy for me.
and get exhausted everyday after work..
maybe i shld have let myself rest a little.. get some time to spend for myself..
i did hang out with frens smtimes.. but i juz cant enjoy myself to the extreme.
but no worries.. after june, it will be a good time for me.. holiday coming soon..
i think thats all worthwhile to get a little bit workout now...


Chong take me to Freo to have the famous Fish & Chips on the way back home.He drove along the coast and show me the beautiful sunset of perth.taken this by phone camera, really wish i grabb hold a really good camera,and picture down this sceen..

i juz need to pamper myself a little, had a large strawberry ice-cream in waffle cone.


back to childhood.... miss this game.. but seems rather different...

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the threasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^

Y Saturday, May 3, 2008 Y
5/03/2008 09:35:00 PM

Bad exam, Bad feelings;
Should feel relief after, yet its totally opposite.
Thanks Shane; who help me in my econ, who claim that he didn't help much!
Thanks Ore; who show me your KO com vid, and update me for whats going on!
Thanks Kiat; who chat with me early in the morning!
Thanks Xing; who is making to effort to vid cam although it didn't work!
Thanks Ronnie; who tagged and missed me!
Thanks BW; who is the owner of the lappy, that e webcam cannot work properly!
Thanks Farid and Lulu; who r willing to joint us as PPPPP!
Thanks to the rest; who has make it work at Fantazia!
Thanks to Ann and Ryan; who made my tears rolled down my cheeks after watching ur perf!

Million thanks to PPPPPs; the presence of your that make me feel I'm not alone!

I had not been calling home for a quite sometime...
And getting a very bad home sick now....

I miss dance;
I miss family;
I miss friends;
I miss the food;
I miss Jonhson Duck;
I miss Macdonals;
I miss NP Bubble Tea;
I miss hanging out;
I miss Nic' loud burb;
I miss calling Jaei Big Head;
I miss all the craps from u guys;
I miss BPP;
I miss calling Bus No.;
I miss...I missss...I misssssssssss..................!!!

;ー個微笑,詮釋ー切 >,__
Happiness is the treasure. Never Doubt and Never Loss it..^^